About IRAS

Date of publication : February 20, 2016 19:40 pm

The Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies, commonly known as IRAS, founded in 2004, is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental think tank and publisher based in Tehran whose mission is to analyze and promote the understanding of major issues and current affairs of Eurasia and South Caucasus.
The mission of IRAS is to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of Iranian interests in the Eurasia and South Caucasus, promote the policies that secure them and strengthen the regional cooperation between Iran and neighboring states.
IRAS research is structured around eight topics: defense and security, energy and environment, extremism and terrorism, regional cooperation, peace and conflict, politics and elections, society and culture, and trade and economics, which comprises regional programs on Central Asia, South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, China and Russia.
IRAS vision is both simple and incredibly complex: IRAS exists to help policymakers make decisions that are based on the best available information fueled by the best data, the strongest methods, and the brightest minds.
IRAS research is accurate and impartial. Regardless of the research sponsor or Iranian governments’ approaches, the work is free of commercial, partisan, and ideological bias. The research is peer-reviewed by experts inside and outside of The IRAS Institute. This scrutiny is part of what makes the Institute a trusted source of expertise and analysis on Eurasia and South Caucasus.
IRAS work is also as transparent and open as possible. The IRAS Institute’s commitment to the public good means that IRAS wants the work to reach and be understood by as many people as possible, not just other decision makers, experts and academics. All of IRAS reports are available for download from this site for free and from anywhere in the world.
All in all, IRAS under the leadership and expertise of some highly distinguished Iranian academics tries to be regarded as the preeminent think tank with a regional focus and Iranian most trusted source for policy ideas and analysis on Eurasian and Caucasian affairs.

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