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visitor views a smaller copy of the Zenobia Column destroyed by ISIS militants in Palmyra, Syria on display at an exhibtion titled
5 Aug 2017 12:39

Alireza Nouri

Russia’s Plan for Post-ISIS Syria

Although the ISIS ideology will continue to exist in the Middle East, with the destruction of the structure and organization of this terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, various involved and interested parties prepare themselves for the post-ISIS space and for bargaining to get a larger share. Some ...

© Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF)
1 Jul 2017 07:57

Rasoul Mousavi

Iranian-Russian Common Interests against Extremism in Central Asia

There are diverse and contradictory viewpoints on the concept of 'extremism' and it is hard to explain what it means and is comprised of. At the current time, we are facing a distorted reality that links extremism to Islamism and indeed, pictures the former as an inseparable element of Islam....

Pictured in this video screen grab are cruise missiles launched by the Russian Navy
17 Jun 2017 07:55

Mahmoud Shoori

Iran and Russia in the Middle East: Cooperation without Partnership

There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been not only the closest Middle Eastern state to Russia, but also the most stable and durable one working with Kremlin in the region during the last two and half decades. Despite many ups and downs, Tehran-Moscow ties have been special and strategic ...

UN Security Council’s vote on a draft resolution concerning the crisis in Syria, as well as the Russian, at the UN Headquarters in New York, April 12, 2017
22 May 2017 21:33

Zhand Shakibi

Iran, Russia, the USA and the Greater West Asian Crisis

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the USA for the foreseeable future face a common threat to their respective national security. That threat is called here ‘the Greater West Asian Crisis’ that stretches from Turkey in the west, through Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, ...

New Sufism and the Unexpected Effect of Fundamentalism in Central Asia
28 Dec 2016 15:30

Behrouz Ghezel

New Sufism and the Unexpected Effect of Fundamentalism in Central Asia

In “Sufism” literature and in historical studies related to different periods of the communities’ tendency toward mysticism, Sufism and Sufi order (though specialists in this field distinguish between these terms), the important characteristic is the concurrent governing spirit of ...

Russia Ambassador Vitaly Churkin is joined by Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez as Russia vetoes a French-Spanish resolution on Syria at the UN headquarters, October 8, 2016, in New York City
23 Dec 2016 16:19

Niknam Babri

A New Chapter of Cooperation between Russia and the US in the Syrian Crisis

Changes occur in the world of politics. No political issue does last forever. Political phenomena are affected by the conditions of time and space. So in a globalized world, we rarely see a particular country to pursue a continued policy. At times, some approaches do not even last for the given four-...

Egyptian protestors are seen through an Islamist flag during a demonstration organized by Egyptian Islamists against the French intervention in Mali on January 18, 2013 in Cairo.
31 May 2016 20:39

Motahare Hosseini

Relationship between Religion and Fundamentalism in Middle East and Eurasia

The rise of Islamist fundamentalist movements in various parts of the Islamic world and outside has given birth to many mentalities and viewpoints about the nature of these movements and the way they spread. During previous years, al-Qaeda and the Taliban were the focus of attention from media and ...

Talibanism in Post-2014 Afghanistan
17 May 2016 22:33

Bahram Amirahmadian

Talibanism in Post-2014 Afghanistan

The hardline Islamic Taliban movement has proved to be a formidable fighting force in Afghanistan and a major threat to its government. The Taliban also threatens to destabilize Pakistan, where they control areas in the northwest and have been blamed for a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks....

© Author
27 Apr 2016 12:08

Vali Kaleji

Shanghai Cooperation Organization and New Extremism: ISIL, Central Asia and Afghanistan after 2014

Withdrawal of a major part of the US, NATO members and ISAF forces in late 2014 from Afghanistan is among the significant developments followed by special consequences for Afghanistan, Central Asia and the peripheral regions including emerging New Extremism such as ISIL in these regions. This trend ...