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15 Jul 2017 00:11

Hamidreza Azizi

Iranian-Russian Cooperation in Central Asia: Opportunities and Constraints

Central Asia's unique geopolitical features have grabbed the attention of peripheral foreign powers during its history. The significance of the region, in particular, is seen in the relationship between neighboring Iran and Russia. In the decades since the nineteenth century, Central Asia had ...

On Recent Unrest in Kyrgyzstan
11 Mar 2017 12:30

Mohammad Alavizadeh

On Recent Unrest in Kyrgyzstan

  Kyrgyzstan once again witnessed protests and political confrontation between the groups supporting and opposing the central government in Bishkek, but this time, the presidential palace also hosted one of the most serious external elements affecting the domestic processes, i.e., the Russian ...

30 Dec 2016 17:57

Behrouz Ghezel

Uncertainty over the Only Central Asian Parliamentary System: Changes to the Constitution in Kyrgyzstan

Due to the political developments in recent years, it is probably not far-fetched to hear news about changes to the constitution in the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Constitutional amendments in the Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan are recent examples of these developments ...