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Pictured in this video screen grab are cruise missiles launched by the Russian Navy
17 Jun 2017 07:55

Mahmoud Shoori

Iran and Russia in the Middle East: Cooperation without Partnership

There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been not only the closest Middle Eastern state to Russia, but also the most stable and durable one working with Kremlin in the region during the last two and half decades. Despite many ups and downs, Tehran-Moscow ties have been special and strategic ...

10 Jun 2017 11:14

Vali Kaleji

Reasons behind Central Asian and Caucasian Leaders' Participation at Riyadh Summit

In the Arab-Islamic-American Summit with the presence of Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and more than fifty heads of Arabic and Islamic countries held in the International Exhibition and Convention Center in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, on 21 May 2017, the fact that ...

29 May 2017 08:54

Çağdaş Duman

Shanghai Cooperation Organization And Turkey

For the first time in history, an empire, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), collapsed by not giving a great battle. So, nations separated from RSFSR have been independent without waging war.  Nations which gained independency at the end of the collapse process of RSFSR that ...

UN Security Council’s vote on a draft resolution concerning the crisis in Syria, as well as the Russian, at the UN Headquarters in New York, April 12, 2017
22 May 2017 21:33

Zhand Shakibi

Iran, Russia, the USA and the Greater West Asian Crisis

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the USA for the foreseeable future face a common threat to their respective national security. That threat is called here ‘the Greater West Asian Crisis’ that stretches from Turkey in the west, through Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, ...

Chinese President Xi Jinping prepares to deliver a speech during a welcome banquet for the Belt and Road Forum at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 14, 2017
14 May 2017 21:43

Saadat Hassan

OBOR: Infrastructure, Investment & Connectivity

The Silk Road Economic Belt concept was introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Kazakhstan in September 2013. In a speech delivered at Nazarbayev University, Xi suggested that China and Central Asia cooperate to build a Silk Road Economic Belt. It was the first time the Chinese ...

8 May 2017 11:22

Sadegh Sadeghpour

Aras Free Zone and Its Potentials for Expanding Iran-Russia Economic Cooperation

  Aras Free Zone is an environment ready for the bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation between Iran and Russia and the countries of the South Caucasus. Aras Free Zone with an area of 51,000 hectares of land, relying on its fully prepared investment infrastructure (facilities including ...

29 Apr 2017 16:35

Alireza Nouri

US Missile Strikes Against Syria: The Escalation of Tensions with Russia and the Necessity of Iranian Caution

American missile strikes against Syria can be studied from different dimensions. But, clearly, one of the most significant aspects is their effect on the situation and position of Russia in Syria and the Middle East and toward Washington. That the Kremlin officials underlined that these strikes would ...

22 Apr 2017 10:02

Jahangir Karami

Iran-Russia Strategic Partnership at the New Stage: What Could We Propose To Each Other?

In the past two and half decades, the Iranian-Russian relationships differ vastly compared with those in the 1980s and before. Post-revolutionary, post-war and post-Soviet Russia have been facing different political systems and regional/international settings. On the other hand, Imam Khomeini’...

A man arrives to cast his vote during the first Parliamentary elections after the referendum in Yerevan, Armenia on April 02, 2017
13 Apr 2017 20:48

Vali Kaleji

Long Season of Republicanism in Armenia

The sixth parliamentary elections in Armenia was held on April 2, 2017 to choose the composition of the National Assembly, as Armenians call it “Azgayin zhoghov”, but this election was more than anything affected by the amendments to the constitution of Armenia and the political restructuring ...

Soldiers with a Russian national flag during a military command-staff exercise by a joint Russian-Tajik force at Kharbmaidon, next to the border to Afghanistan
4 Apr 2017 22:14

Saadat Hassan & Rana Shahid Saleem

Eurasian Solution for Afghanistan

  Moscow, which for years opposed Afghan Taliban, has recently changed its position and now sought direct talks between the Ghani administration and insurgents. It also hosted a trilateral meeting in December last year involving China and Pakistan. The support to peace efforts by two key international ...

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif (R-6), President of Iran Hassan Rouhani (R-5), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R-4) and other leaders pose for a photo during the 13th Economy Cooperation Organization Summit in Islamabad, Pakistan on March 1, 2017
26 Mar 2017 11:57

Hamidreza Azizi

ECO and Economic Multilateralism Triangle in Eurasia

  Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, hosted the 13th Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) on March 1, 2017. At the meeting in which the rotating presidency was given from Azerbaijan to Pakistan, Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President, also attended, and made a speech. In his ...

Dancers perform during the Newroz celebrations around the Maiden Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan on March 18, 2017
18 Mar 2017 20:52

Bahram Amirahmadian

Nowruz, a Ritual for Thanking God for His Blessings

  Ze kuy-e yār miāyad nasim-e bād Nowruzi. Az in bād ar madad khāhi cherāgh-e del bar afruzi.                                  ...

On Recent Unrest in Kyrgyzstan
11 Mar 2017 12:30

Mohammad Alavizadeh

On Recent Unrest in Kyrgyzstan

  Kyrgyzstan once again witnessed protests and political confrontation between the groups supporting and opposing the central government in Bishkek, but this time, the presidential palace also hosted one of the most serious external elements affecting the domestic processes, i.e., the Russian ...

New Dimensions of the “Eastern Partnership” and Drawing New Borders in Eurasia
28 Feb 2017 21:26

Shahram Farsaei

New Dimensions of the “Eastern Partnership” and Drawing New Borders in Eurasia

  The “Eastern Partnership Initiative” seeking to create the necessary conditions to increase political links and economic integration between the EU and the six eastern states adjacent to this Union (Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Georgia), and ease movement and ...

Objectives behind Russia’s Contacting with Taliban
23 Feb 2017 18:44

Alireza Nouri

Objectives behind Russia’s Contacting with Taliban

  Russia’s first contacts with the Taliban took place informally in 1995 to free the seven crews of Il-76 that had been captured by the Taliban (the aircraft was carrying military equipment from Albania to Kabul for the Northern Alliance; the crews were released after a year). Despite these ...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (3rd L) meets with representatives of Syria
15 Feb 2017 11:33

Niknam Babri

Russia's Evolving as a Pioneer in the Syrian Crisis

  Politics is the game field for achieving interests. Every state tries to pave the way for having a better situation to survive and provide her national interests and security within this framework by increasing her number of allies, and reducing the scope of regional and global conflicts. Therefore,...

13 Feb 2017 20:15

Hamed Kazemzadeh

Abolition of Visa between Georgia and the EU and Its Impact on Russia’s Regional Role

The full abolition of visa requirements between Georgia and the European Union (EU) is an important event in the Caucasus region. One of the consequences of this event can be related to the role of Russia in the conflict of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and can even change the peace process in this ...

11 Feb 2017 10:31

Behrouz Ghezel

Turkmenistan Presidential Election: Could We Expect Change?

  The presidential election of Turkmenistan on February 12, 2017 is interesting for some reasons. This is the first time three different parties have introduced their candidates for the presidential election in Turkmenistan. This round of election has witnessed so far the presence of the largest ...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (C) meets with representatives of Syria
1 Feb 2017 21:01

Alireza Nouri

Russia and Syria: the Relative Achievement of Goals and the Inevitable Compromise

  In his annual address to the Federal Assembly (December 1, 2016), Putin emphasizing on Russia’s readiness for equal partnership with the US, noted the shared responsibility between the two states in providing international security and stability, and mentioned that the interaction between ...

© Flickr Hive Mind
29 Jan 2017 22:44

Behrouz Ghezel

Tribal Social System and Political Stability in Turkmenistan

  Tribal social structure in the Turkmen community has unique and interesting features. Throughout history, the Turkmen tribes and even clans have always been recognized from each other by distinct identities; at the same time, at times they have been united against a foreign enemy, and have shown ...